According to a recent report, divorce inquiries in the United Kingdom have increased by 42%. The fallout of COVID-19 lockdown measures is a strong factor in causing many couples to separate legally. Prolonged confinement and financial woes are factors cited by struggling couples looking for divorce consultation. When people have financial and employment problems, spending more time together may strain their relationships. Divorce is always a difficult decision for couples and they typically have considered this as an option for months before contacting a Birmingham divorce attorney and starting the lengthy process.

Top Reasons For Divorce

     During a crisis, people tend to reflect intensely on their lives and relationship. If they are not sure about the future, they are more likely to make some drastic decisions. This problem could be worse on couples who were already at a breaking point before the COVID-19 pandemic. Daily arguments over strained finances become another reason to reconsider the relationship. Birmingham divorce lawyers can help struggling couples to secure appropriate financial settlements, especially when asset values are depreciated by the recession. It’s also important for couples to consider their personal safety because close proximity and constant arguments may spill over into emotional abuse or domestic violence.

During this difficult time, there are many things that couples can do to maintain their marriages. These include:

Avoid Making Money As A Central Issue- many families are earning less or not earning at all during the pandemic and subsequent COVID-19 lockdown. If couples were already struggling financially before the pandemic, this could be a bigger problem for them now. It’s time for couples to support one another, especially if they need to take drastic measures. All efforts should be focused on deciding how money should be spent. If a spouse loses his/her job, the whole family should be extra supportive. It’s easy for people to lose their self-worth if they lose their jobs.

Be Respectful When Arguing- people have different views and spouses often don’t agree on many things. Because arguments are inevitable during extended confinement, it is important to avoid making personal insults. Constructive arguments allow couples to reach a compromise and effective solution. By sharing ideas, concerns, and thoughts regularly, it is less likely for couples to argue. They can have a comfortable environment of intimacy and trust.

     If you are finding it more and more challenging to maintain a happy marriage, contact an experienced Birmingham divorce attorney who can help.

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