While, on the surface, it might seem rather difficult for international students to apply for a UK student visa with the current Brexit and COVID-19 restrictions, today’s university students are finding just the opposite. In fact, there is a fair amount of flexibility when it comes to UK student visa rules for incoming international students.

     The United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has introduced flexibility in visa rules, with health precautions throughout the visa system. According to data from UKVI, in the year ending March 2020, almost 3,00,000 student visas were granted to international students. This is a 23% increase over the previous year and the highest level since the year ending June 2011.

COVID-19 Concerns

     Adding to this increased flexibility is the fact that many UK Visa Application Centres have established standardised protective measures to be followed. These include:

·        Checking body temperature of all customers at the entrance.

·        maintaining physical distancing measures.

·        Disinfecting high-contact surfaces.

Study (Tier 4) Visa

      In an effort to limit any disruptions caused by COVID-19 travel restrictions, UKVI is allowing incoming international students to apply for study (Tier 4) visa when they are due to travel to the UK, rather than at the start of their course. This means students who have already gained admission can begin their courses online and apply for a UK study visa when they are ready to do so.

Graduate Immigration Route

     The new Graduate Immigration Route which previously only enabled students who complete their undergraduate or Master's degrees to stay and work, look for work, and gain experience in the UK for up to two years (three years for PhD students) from Summer 2021, now includes students who start their courses overseas, online.

Safety And Convenience

     The UK has seen an increase in the number of international students choosing the UK's world-class higher-education system as the destination for their studies. To those students, the UK wants to make clear that their safety is the highest priority. Through adding more flexibility within the visa application process and increasing the use of technology including the optional On-Demand Mobile Visa service that enables international students to submit their visa application and enrolment biometrics from the safety and convenience of their home.

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