During the festive season, family and friends like to gather together to celebrate, share, and remember. They like to throw Christmas parties, cook large Christmas feasts, and sip a winter cocktail by the fireplace as they reminisce about past Christmas seasons. Family and friends like to visit and spend long weekends celebrating the joyous holiday season together.

     Although this has been a tradition in many households for as long as anyone can remember, this year things are a bit different. That’s because this year we have the COVID-19 crisis and its subsequent lockdowns. And not just any lockdown, we have different tiers depending on where we live, and those tiers also come with a wide range of rules and regulations as well as fines and other consequences for not following them.

Fined For Celebrating Christmas With Friends, Family, And Loved Ones

     That’s right, this Christmas, you can be fined for celebrating the Christmas holiday with friends, family, and loved ones. You can be fined for having too many people in your home, for having too many people from too many different households in your home, even for having dinner out with family or friends if you don’t do it properly. Who would have thought that this could be a possibility and that you might need to call a solicitor before planning any Christmas get-together?

Protecting Your Rights

     Still, to protect the health and safety of each and every one of us, the lockdown rules are in place. But, keeping with the theme of protecting something, we must also consider protecting our rights. Global pandemic, or not, we all have certain rights, and these rights must be protected. This is where a solicitor comes in.

     A professional solicitor can answer any questions you might have about the COVID-19 lockdown tiers, the rules and regulations of each tier, and any fines or other consequences that you might face for breaking those rules. A solicitor can also provide legal defence if you are issued a fine for breaking lockdown restrictions this Christmas. So remember, if you have a question about any of the current pandemic lockdown restrictions, contact a solicitor first to avoid any future headaches that might come your way.

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