Today’s world is full of hatred, anger, and greed. Unfortunately, when these three elements feed off of each other, people’s lives are affected and, in many cases, ruined. Hate, anger, and greed lead to war, poverty, and racism. While these are all very ugly words that have no place in a so-called civilised society, they are, unfortunately, a part of our daily lives.

     Now, I am not talking about media derived racism, with their unknown agenda to pit one culture against another. We don’t need that. In fact, media derived racism actually hurts the cause of many anti-racist groups and it is typically based on unfound or made-up facts. Does that mean that racism doesn’t exist? Not at all, it just means that for us to effectively fight racism in every form, we need the facts. We need to get off of social media and we need to stop making excuses.

Racist Comments Everywhere We Look

     While a large part of the population isn’t racist, they choose to sit by and not do anything to stop it. The you have the people who call themselves slightly racist, as if that is any better. It isn’t, by the way. Need proof? Just read the comments section of any news article discussing asylum seekers, migrants, or anyone who is considered a minority based on the colour of their skin or where they are from. You are sure to find racist comments denoting the struggles of these people and why they shouldn’t have access to the same type of life as you and I.

     Racism in all forms must end. It is an injustice to humankind everywhere and we often look to our governments for help in doing so. Yet again, however, you might end up hitting a roadblock. That’s right, even in the ranks of our own government, we can find racism. Albeit a different kind, but racism, nonetheless.

Institutional Racism

     Systemic, or institutional, racism can be found in Priti Patel's immigration plans which are said to scapegoat and target asylum seekers. We expected a welcome change, one in which asylum seekers would be treated fairly, but instead, we got ideals that all but completely abandon the Refugee Convention that the UK signed in 1951.

     Given our colonial and immigration history, the UK should be the world’s beacon when it comes to fighting institutional racism. Instead, it seems as though we are perpetuating it. We must all band together to end racism wherever it rears its ugly head, and we must begin today.

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