Landlord/Tenant disputes can be incredibly stressful for both parties and there are many common reasons for these disputes. From property maintenance and cleaning, to property damage and others, there are some easy ways to avoid these common Landlord/Tenant disputes and help promote a better Landlord /Tenant relationship.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some common causes of landlord - tenant disputes and how to prevent them:

Cleaning- the number one cause of disputes between tenants and landlords is cleaning. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to prevent a dispute over cleaning. Landlords should send the tenant a letter before their rental contract ends reminding them of the cleaning requirements. Tenants should have a copy of their move-in checklist to use as a reference of the condition of the property before they moved in.

Damage To Property- property damage can be considered accidental or malicious in nature. Regardless of the categorisation, tenants must take care to avoid damaging property, and landlords must allow for reasonable wear and tear. Accidental damage is unavoidable sometimes and landlords should provide tips for tenants on how to avoid damaging the property. Tenants should ask for a move-in checklist that they can list any damage that was already there.

Property Maintenance- a properly maintained property is a tenant’s right and a landlord’s duty, however, sometimes a dispute might arise as to what is considered important and what time frame the maintenance should be completed within. To avoid disputes, landlords should take quick action to resolve the problems.

Costs Of Cleaning And Repairs- while both parties might agree that cleaning and repairs are necessary, they will typically dispute the cost and the responsibility of those repairs. Legally, the money held in deposit is the tenant’s money, so landlords will need to have a good case for claiming any of it for cleaning and repair costs. Most costs of cleaning and repairs disputes can be resolved between the tenant and the landlord with honest communication. However, if the dispute does go to court, be sure to hire a solicitor.

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