One of most common complaints in today’s job market is also one of the biggest concerns. Job dismissals are at an all-time high as Brexit talks become more and more complicated. Many business owners don’t understand the new trade regulations that Brexit is creating and they begin dismissing employees without any thought. Many times, these dismissals are done properly, but there are incidents where the dismissals are unfair, leaving many employees confused and upset.

     If you feel that this has happened to you and that you have been unfairly dismissed by your employer, keep reading to learn more about your rights and what you can do and how Aman Solicitors Advocates can help. Let’s get started:

What To Do If You Are Unfairly Dismissed

Resolve The Problem With Your Employer- the first thing you should do if you feel that you have been unfairly dismissed is to try to resolve the problem with your employer. Chances are, you and your employer can resolve the problem through the Labour Relations Agency with the help of a specialist. You could also try individual arbitration. An independent arbitrator will hear the case and make a legally binding decision. Remember to keep copies of all written correspondence and telephone conversations.


To make a complaint of unfair dismissal, you must not be:

A worker (rather than an employee).
A member of the armed forces.
A self-employed person.
an agency temp working under a contract for services.
a share fisherman.
a member of the police service.
Exempt from the unfair dismissal provisions by an order made by the Department for the Economy.

If You Are Successful

     If you are successful in winning your unfair dismissal complaint, you will typically be awarded compensation. You might even be given the option to return to your job, but remember, if you don’t accept the terms of the unfair dismissal case and return to your job if offered, your compensation award could be reduced. In this instance, contacting Aman Solicitors Advocates can ensure that you get the most amount of compensation possible.

     How is the unfair dismissal claim compensation award determined? The basic compensation award is typically calculated based on your age and length of service, and there is a maximum limit which is reviewed every year.

Contact Aman Solicitors Advocates

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