With even more information about a No Deal Brexit in the news, some of us have decided to turn off our televisions and stop reading our social media news feeds for a while to give ourselves a break from the Brexit mess. While this is easy for us, EU citizens have a lot more to be concerned about. Currently, anyone arriving from the EU after March 29, will be forced to apply for a visa if they plan on staying in the UK for an extended period of time.

     While this isn’t news to many, there have been some changes announced recently which could have an effect on EU citizens as well as UK companies looking to hire EU citizens. With a No Deal Brexit, free movement from the EU to the UK will end and EU citizens will need to apply for a temporary leave for stays longer than 3 months. We know that this will have a negative affect on UK business owners who often rely on the EU for staff.

Skills-Based Immigration Scheme

     Yet, in a surprise move, a new rule entitling EU citizens to stay in the UK for an additional three years has been announced and it will become an official part of the new post-Brexit immigration system which begins from 2021. With this rule, there is no longer a cap on skilled migrants coming from the EU, or the rest of the world for that matter. But, there will be new restrictions placed on low-skilled workers. Officials believe that this will help address the concerns that many UK business owners have had over a lack of skilled workers in a post-Brexit UK.

New Criminality Threshold

     There are, however, some requirements that must be met for this new three year visa deal and, like Brexit, it could take some time to hammer out the details. While Europeans could still visit Britain after Brexit without applying for the scheme, if they wish to stay, they will have to apply for the new three year visa. Fortunately, applying will involve a "a simple online process" which includes involving identity, security and criminality checks. The new criminality threshold is designed to keep out and deport those who commit crimes.

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