There are some alarming statistics surrounding divorce here in the UK that has many social and spiritual groups more concerned than ever. With divorce rates in some areas going up, and millennials waiting longer to get married and start their families, the growing concern over UK divorce rates is more than reasonable.

     Getting a divorce is becoming easier than ever. In England and Wales, couples can have a divorce after being married for a year. In Scotland and Northern Ireland, the grounds of divorce is two years of separation without consent or one year of separation with consent. Divorces in the UK are usually caused by unreasonable behaviours, adultery or desertion.

Let’s take a look at some of the main points of divorce statistics here in the UK:

England And Wales

·        In 2018, there were 90,871 registered divorce cases among opposite-sex couples in England and Wales or about 10 percent lower, compared with 2017, also the lowest since 1971.

·        428 same-sex couples divorced in 2018, compared to 338 in 2017. About three quarters of them were female couples.

·        About 61 percent of the divorces used the simplified procedures, while others were heard in sheriff courts.

     Family law in England and Wales cover many areas, including dissolutions and divorces, as well parental responsibilities within the marriage and after divorce. The law covers the prevention of former family members to come within close proximity or make specific contact to another, if the divorce was caused by domestic violence or inappropriate behaviours.


·        The rate of divorces has been decreasing slowly from 13,400 cases in 1985 to just 6,800 cases in 2017. However, there was a spike in divorce in 2016, which was an exception.

·        6,873 cases of divorce were granted in 2017-2018 in Scotland or 13 percent fewer compared to in 2016-2017.

     Courts in Scotland can take decisions on where children should live after the divorce is formalised. Financial provision for children is discussed during the divorce process.

Northern Ireland

·        There were 2,360 cases of divorces in Northern Ireland in 2015 and 2,572 cases in 2016.

·        Divorced couples in Northern Ireland usually spent 5-9 years together.

·        People aged between 45 and 49 were the most likely to undergo the divorce process.

·        The most common grounds for divorce in 2016 in Northern Ireland were 2 years of non-cohabitation with consent (1,118 cases) and 5 years of non-cohabitation without consent (767 cases).

     Other major causes were inappropriate behaviours, combined agreement and adultery. However, adultery only accounted for two percent of divorces. Interestingly, if cheating was admitted, most cases involved a co-worker.

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