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A Brief Look At The UK Civil Litigation Process


The main method of resolving disputes here in the UK is through litigation. Understanding litigation can be difficult, especially if it is your first time in court.

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What To Do If You Are Unfairly Dismissed


One of most common complaints in today’s job market is also one of the biggest concerns. Job dismissals are at an all-time high as Brexit talks become more and more complicated.

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More No Deal Brexit Visa Issues For EU Citizens


With even more information about a No Deal Brexit in the news, some of us have decided to turn off our televisions and stop reading our social media news feeds for a while to give ourselves a break from the Brexit mess.

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The Basics Of Personal Injury Law


One often misunderstood aspects of law, and one which is also among the most important, is personal injury law. While the name might make it seem fairly simple to understand, there are some points to consider first and we are going to take a look at them now. What Is Personal Injury Law? Personal injury law is a tort law which ‘allows an injured person to go to civil court and get a legal remedy (damages) for all losses stemming from an accident or other incident.’ In other words

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Interesting UK Divorce Statistics


There are some alarming statistics surrounding divorce here in the UK that has many social and spiritual groups more concerned than ever.

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The UK’s Points-Based Immigration System: Latest Information


On 19 February 2020, the Government published a policy statement setting out details of the UK’s all new points-based immigration system.

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How Is The Coronavirus Pandemic Affecting Your Employment?


However, for workers who are unable to perform their jobs from home, and who have been deemed non-essential by the government, they are left sitting at home, out of work and without pay.

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Aman Solicitors Family Law Services And The Coronavirus Pandemic


With the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, governments have enforced self-quarantine rules, business closures and fines or jail time for breaking these rules.

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Temporary Concessions Until 31 July 2020 For Those Wishing To Enter Or Remain In The UK


Under the UK’s new family Immigration Rules, anyone eligible to enter or remain in the UK due to the coronavirus crisis, needs to apply switch into a family or private life route before 31 July 2020.

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The Future Of Immigration In The UK


Recently, the government posted more details about their new immigration system which will apply from 1 January 2021. This helps clear up many questions that UK business owners have had for quite some time as their hiring and recruitment operations have been on hold since Brexit.

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UK Immigration And UK Student Applications: A Look At Flexibility In Visa Rules


While, on the surface, it might seem rather difficult for international students to apply for a UK student visa with the current Brexit and COVID-19 restrictions,

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Coping With Christmas Family Arrangements During COVID-19 Lockdown


During the festive season, family and friends like to gather together to celebrate, share, and remember.

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Employment Law And Brexit


Although UK employment law has been heavily influenced by EU law, Brexit will have an impact on local law and its many implementations.

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Civil Litigation-What It Is And Why It’s Important


When mediation, arbitration and other informal resolutions for disputes are no longer possible, civil litigation is the next legal step to take.

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Vaccination And The Workplace- Should Employers Force Employees To Get Vaccinated?


A proper and effective vaccination can help people from getting sick and transmitting the illness on to others.

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Are Asylum Seekers Really The Problem?


Today’s world is full of hatred, anger, and greed. Unfortunately, when these three elements feed off of each other

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Property Disputes: 4 Common Causes Of Landlord - Tenant Disputes And How To Prevent Them


Landlord/Tenant disputes can be incredibly stressful for both parties and there are many common reasons for these disputes.

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What To Do If You Are Discriminated Against In The Workplace By An Employer?


Even in today’s world, employees might be affected by workplace discrimination if they receive unfavourable treatments due to their religion, ethnical backgrounds, gender, race, disability, age, or sexual orientation.

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