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Civil / Commercial Litigation

Civil Litigation is a process where two or more parties become embroiled in a legal dispute. Public and private disputes are resolved by negotiation or through court.

Our experienced litigation solicitors in Birmingham will work closely with you to fully understand the issues you are facing and explore the best approaches to meet your commercial and civil objectives. Our solicitor recognize that every dispute and every business is different and each will need its own tailored solution to suit your needs. We draw on our considerable experience in dealing with a wide range of disputes arising out of all types of commercial activity, including:


At Aman Solicitors Advocates, we have a dedicated team of civil litigation in UK, who are experienced in project managing commercial and civil disputes. Aman litigation Solicitors in Birmingham has a wide range of experience in dispute resolution.

Legal disputes can affect anyone and can be very problematic. It is crucial to have the correct legal and practical advice to avoid a legal battle. Contract Disputes Commercial disputes can occur at any time and in today’s economic climate they are becoming more common.

In order to reduce risk and impact to your business it is important to seek the right help. At Aman Solicitor Advocates, we ensure our litigation Solicitors in Birmingham work closely with our clients from start to finish. We make sure our clients have a full understanding of the case and we provide the best possible results. So, it is essential for you to seek the right tactical advice as early as possible to minimize impact to you and your business. Our experience in bringing and defending a wide variety of disputes for many different types and sizes of business means we understand what is at stake and what it takes to get the best outcome for our clients.

We have a proven track record of successfully dealing with cases for our clients.

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