Cutting Migration and Tackling Care Worker Visa Abuse

In a bid to address concerns over unsustainable levels of legal migration and combat visa abuse, the UK government has implemented new rules aimed at significantly reducing net migration while ensuring fair treatment of care workers and protecting British jobs. These measures, spearheaded by Home Secretary James Cleverly MP, signify a robust yet equitable approach towards immigration reform and workforce management.

Addressing Care Worker Visa Abuse

One significant aspect of the new regulations is the restriction placed on care workers from bringing dependents. Last year alone, an alarming 120,000 dependents accompanied 100,000 workers in the care sector, highlighting a disproportionate trend that raised red flags regarding potential exploitation and misuse of the immigration system.

To counter such abuses, care providers in England must now register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the industry regulator for Health and Social Care. This measure aims to crack down on worker exploitation and abuse within the sector, ensuring that those entering the UK for employment are treated fairly and in accordance with established standards.

A Balanced Approach

While acknowledging the invaluable contributions of care workers to society, the Home Secretary emphasises the need for action in the face of clear abuses and unsustainable migration numbers. The government’s plan, as outlined by Cleverly, seeks to strike a balance between protecting British workers and facilitating the entry of international talent that adds value to the economy and society.

Preventing Undercutting and Ensuring Fairness

The new rules extend beyond the care sector to encompass broader measures aimed at preventing the continued undercutting of British workers. By raising the salary threshold for skilled workers and removing discounts for migrant workers in shortage occupations, the government aims to create a level playing field where both domestic and international workers are treated fairly and equitably.

A Sustainable Approach to Social Care

Minister for Social Care Helen Whately MP underscores the government’s commitment to developing a sustainable approach to social care. While international recruitment has played a role in addressing workforce shortages, it is not a long-term solution. Instead, the government is focusing on boosting the domestic workforce through reforms aimed at providing clearer career paths, better training, and improved job prospects for British workers.

Ensuring Integrity in Higher Education

In addition to immigration reforms, the government is also taking steps to safeguard the integrity and quality of UK higher education. A review of the graduate route for international students, commissioned by the Home Secretary, aims to prevent abuse and ensure that the UK attracts the best and brightest talents from around the world.


The new UK laws represent a significant step towards addressing concerns related to migration and visa abuse while ensuring fairness and integrity in the immigration system. By prioritising the protection of British workers, promoting sustainable solutions in social care, and upholding standards in higher education, the government is laying the groundwork for a more equitable and prosperous future for all. As these measures take effect, it is essential to monitor their impact and continue working towards a more inclusive and balanced immigration policy that serves the best interests of the UK and its citizens.

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