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Civil Litigation is a process where two or more parties become embroiled in a legal dispute. Public and private disputes are resolved by negotiation or through court.
If your marriage has broken down our team of legal experts is here to help you achieve the best resolution for you and your family. Our highly regarded Family Law Solicitors in Birmingham have substantial experience in helping people resolve issues around finances, children, property, business interests and all of the other complications that come with a divorce.
Cash flow is crucial to a business when you are owed money it can be detrimental to your business. As unpaid debts hold up your business, affecting cash flow, creating uncertainty and potentially preventing the payment of your staff or creditors, harming your reputation. It’s crucial for any business to ensure that those you trade with do so on your terms. For debt matters services in UK get an advice that’s tailored to your business, call our team on xxxx xxx xxxx.
The Immigration Department at Aman Solicitors Advocates has grown rapidly since its inception of the company resulting in Aman Solicitors Advocates being one of the Midlands leading firms in the Immigration, Nationality & Asylum field.
Disputes between Landlords and Tenants can occur when tenants start to fall behind on payments of rent. Although renting out properties can be a good source of income it does mean there is a risk of a tenant not paying rent or service charges.
Personal injury” is the physical injury or illness inflicted on an individual. If this has been caused by someone else’s negligence it may be possible to claim compensation from those responsible.
A Power of Attorney is where you give one or more individuals the power to manage your affairs in the UK or for any other Country, this can include finances and property.
If you have a problem at work, we can quickly provide you with legal advice and assistance in dealing with the situation and if necessary, formally take up the matter with your employer on your behalf.
Aman Law Solicitors represents business clients with employment law issues in the public and private sectors. We deal with all aspects of employment law including contentious aspects of employment law such as unfair dismissal as well as non-contentious aspects like contracts of employment and employment handbooks. Our specialist employment law solicitors are highly experienced at defending claims in the employment tribunals and employment appeal tribunals.
HMRC have taken significant steps over the last year to clamp down on tax avoidance, investing heavily in sophisticated data mining and interrogation technologies. Thanks to the Common Reporting Standards (CRS), tax authorities the world over now share financial information of both individuals and companies.