The COVID &Brexit Impacts On The Workplace

In today’s post pandemic world, business owners and managers need to be aware of the dual impacts COVID & Brexit can have on their workplaces. COVID-19 has caused so much disruption in normal business operations, while Brexit is making the partnerships between UK businesses and their EU counterparts uncertain. COVID-19 has resulted in the postponement and cancellation of many projects, while Brexit has contributed to relocations and the lack of qualified workers from EU countries. This has also led to many new legal issues which today’s business owners aren’t exactly sure how to handle.

     The employment law sector has seen an increase in new cases as a result of the impacts of Brexit and the pandemic and solicitors from firms throughout the UK are standing by to serve the needs of today’s business owners and workers.


The COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to lay off many, while requiring the rest to work from home. For a number of months, many workplaces were closed and businesses relied almost completely on remote working. The year 2021 has promised a renewed growth with the easing of lockdown restrictions and an increase of confidence among customers. Although the UK has avoided a no-deal Brexit, future relationships with EU countries are still uncertain.  Many local UK workers have been re-hired or found new employment, but the situation is uncertain for EU professionals. They no longer enjoy the same privileges and benefits as before.


The COVID-19 pandemic has put an emphasis on digital technology implementations in the workplace. It has become a necessity to deliver services and provide consultation through digital channels. Businesses across the UK have expanded their IT infrastructure to maintain productivity and comply with COVID-related regulations. Broadband internet access, a robust digital network, and more capable devices are now commonly found in many UK workplaces. Following the Brexit, UK seeks to maintain its status as one of top global technology hubs. However, talent retention and acquisition are critical to ensure competitiveness. UK businesses are finding it harder to hire capable EU professionals and it takes time for the local job market to meet such demand.


After the pandemic, more employees will continue working from home due to a number of reasons. COVID-related regulations imply that employees and customers need to maintain safe physical distance to minimise the transmission of COVID-19 virus. Office layouts must be modified to keep everyone safer from possible transmission. Some full-time employees will spend most of their time at home. Capable remote workers or freelancers will be hired from EU and non-EU countries, if specific skillset and expertise are needed.

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